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 Fused silica-refractory grade Chemical composition:


Fused quartz-refractory grade are available in different size:


4-6 mesh,6-16 mesh,16-30 mesh, 30-50 mesh, 50-100mesh

-4/10mesh,-10/20mesh,-20/50mesh,-30/50mesh.-50/100mesh,-6/50mesh,-100mesh, 120F , 270F, 325F , 400F , 600mesh,

Chem&Size minerals is manufacturer of fused silica/fused quartz which is produced by melting high purity natural silica sand(quartz sand)  at 2000ºC 12 hours. In the fusing process, the crystalline phase of silica sand transforms into amorphous phase. After cooling, Fused silica ingot  is made out with high purity amorphous silicon oxide. Fused silica ingot is separated into 5-10cm lumps Grade A, Grade B and Grade C according to the black point size.

China fused silica is an amorphous silicon oxide or silica glass which is produced by high temperature fusion of high quality natural quartz(crystalline silica).This melting produces fused silica characterized by the lowest thermal expansion,high resistance to temperature and thermal shock.


The standard package is plastic woven bag of 25kg net each,40 bags packed on a pallet with total weight 1015KG. We are happy to tailor our shipments for customers who prefer bulk bags of varying sizes.

Fused silica typical application is used as the raw material of follow fused silica products:

Acidic acid refractory, Fused silica precast shapes, Fused silica big blocks,

fused silica castables, Fused Silica Based Dense Castable ,

 fused silica casting and poring launder,

fused silica mortar,fused silica gunning mix,fused silica for hot repair.

Fused silica furnace lining ramming material,fused silica nozzle for con

Fused Silica Flow Control Products

Submerged Entry Nozzle And Fused Quartz Nozzle And Long Nozzle For Continuous Casting

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