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Skype: renai11

fused silica ceramic can be made of high purity fused silica sand,fused silica powder which spec is as follows:

Chem&size Minerals Fused Silica is high purity quartz sand which has been melted to amorphous silicon oxide(glass phase) by
electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2200ºC), then specially engineered  into sand/grains/granular or powder/flour form.

The characters of fused silica is as follows:
1).fused silica characterized by the lowest thermal coefficient of expansion (0.54×10-6ºC-1,0~1000ºC),high resistance to
    temperature and thermal shock. 

2).high Purity (high SiO2 content 99.96%, low Fe, Na, K and Ti)
3). Statistically controlled particle size distribution

Fused silica main Applications is used to make Fused Silica Roller and other High Temperature Technical thermal Ceramics.

1 Physical Properties
1.1 Composition SiO2
1.2 Structure Amorphous
1.3 Colour Transparent or white
1.4 Melting Temperature approx.1750ºC
1.5 Specific Gravity 2.21g/cm3
1.6 Hardness 7 Mohs
7 Thermal Expansion 0.5*10-6
2 Chemical Properties
    fused silica sand/grains/granular fused silica powder/flour
2.1 SiO2 >99.9% >99.9%
2.2 Al2O3 <100ppm <500ppm
The finer the power,the higher the Al2O3,as powder is produced by ball mill with Alumina ball.
2.3 Fe2O3 <30ppm <50ppm
2.4 TiO2 <15ppm <20ppm
2.5 MgO <30ppm <50ppm
2.6 CaO <30ppm <50ppm
2.7 Alkalies
<60ppm <100ppm

Standard fused silica fractions/Size are Available as follows:
4-10mesh, 10-20 mesh,30-50 mesh, 50-100 mesh,100-200 mesh120 mesh
200 mesh,325 mesh , 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2500 mesh
Note:the particle size can also be produced as customer's special requirement
We can supply further product information and our technical experience if you request, and are in position
to supply specially designed product according to clients requirement.

Fused Silica cearmic consists of sintered quartz glass high purity powder(also named fused silica silica sand,fused silica powder,
fused silica grains,fused silica flour)with a fine pore structure which has an extremely low expansion coefficient
and thus a very good thermal shock resistance.

This material exhibits excellent features such as:
1).Higher strength and toughness so the life should be longer with any surface deformation than the fiber reinforced composite material.
2).Low thermal expansion which provides outstanding resistance to the thermal shock.
3).Good mechanical properties at high temperatures

These features ensure this material is best material for use in the fused silica rollers which are typically used in the following applications; insulation parts used widely in furnaces for solar and PDP (plasma display panel), LCD (liquid crystal display) industries, conveyor rollers, crucible for polycrystalline silicon melting.

If you would like to know more about our Fused Silica material, please contact us now minerals@chemsize.com.

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