Fused Silica sand and fused silica powder manufacturer Fused Silica sand and fused silica powder manufacturer

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Who are we and what do we do?—We’re China fused silica manufacturer and reliable supplier.

Lianyungang ChemSize International Trading Co.,Ltd is a Chinese fused silica exporter who is based on fused silica manufacturer Xinyi Donghe Quartz Co.,Ltd.
We have been devoted to manufacture and export high purity fused silica sand and fused silica powder for 12 years.
How do we manage and control quality of fused silica?
Lianyungang ChemSize International Trading Co.,Ltd and Xinyi Donghe Quartz Co.,Ltd are always paying full attention to fused silica quality.Because fused silica as one of raw materials of refractory product, investment casting, precision casting product, advanced thermal ceramic,epoxy molding compound,fusion bonded epoxy powder coating,quartz marble etc, it must be security under high temperature and acid etc conditions.

First,we make sure the Chemical composition must be high purity.
To achieve this aim, we separate impurity out of fused quartz by manual work.The impurity are crystalline quartz, cristablite, silk of plastic woven bag. Further more, we divide fused silica lumps to different Grade,A,B,and C according to the size of black spot.
Secondly,we make sure the particle size distribution exactly is within range.
The particle size distribution of fused silica grains and fused silica flour are controlled strictly.It can assure customers’ special requirement of porosity,viscosity and fluidity.
Third,Details determine success or failure.We are continue to improve other details.
In order to prevent bags damage and wet,we adopted strong plastic woven bag,three layers paper bag with middle layer film covering and add an extra bag outside jumbo bag.Especially,we always managed to delivery on time.

What is our main logic of sales.

After we do everything well,customers will come to contact us and place order to us.


About Us

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